“Atva Kitchen & Bar” is a restaurant concept that pays attention to the smallest detail during the construction of its design and working principle.  The main motive in projecting the former is a combination of ultra-modern urban style of interior design, combined as well as fitted with the nature where it is located. As nature motives are used applications of decorative stone and wood.

On an area of 300m2 the inside area has 130 seats, VIP lounge for private events with 35 seats and an outdoor terrace with 300m2 with additional capacity of 150 seats in the summer season, positioned next to the river, which offers unique experience for your relaxation and cooling  off in the summer and hot days.

We are especially proud and what we are known for is the wide choice of food menu prepared by the greatest chefs of our kitchen for an ultimate gastronomic enjoyment. The food menu fulfills the overall concept of the restaurant. For that purpose, it is made an international menu following the latest trends on preparing and serving the products, by the example of the world gastronomy. In our menu you can enjoy in many kinds of salads (traditional, meal and “healthy salads” with nutrients), various meat specialties (chicken, pork, beef and minced meat), several types of pasta and gnocchi, risotto, appetizer board.

We are recognizable with our pizzas, pastrmajlija, different kinds of breads that are prepared at the exact moment, as well as different meat specialties, and all prepared in wood oven, which is positioned inside the restaurant and fresh fish in any time (rainbow trout, brown trout, carp and carp chops) kept in our separate pool as part of our artificial pond, and extra sea fish (European bass and gilt-head bream). We leave the sweetest pleasure for the end of our gourmet story, our desserts made by our chefs, during the first visit, we will choose as a mandatory for tasting our well-known Lava cake, then “Manhattan cheesecake” and our Creme brulee, and the irreplaceable magic ball.

We offer wine selection of home wineries (Tikvesh, Bovin, Dalvina) and French wines selection which you can taste on our wooden wine barrels (maybe exactly the wine you drink at that moment is produced in them) as a part of our winery “Winery” for an irreplaceable feeling of indulging in the magic of wine.

In an indispensable connection with the good food, besides wine, there is a good drink, which you will find it in a great assortment of choices. In order to satisfy your senses we prepared the best cocktail card with the best alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails in it, for your complete gastronomic pleasure.

All of the above, combined with the impeccable service of our staff is more than a good reason to visit us today.

We are expecting you…

Contact phone number for information and restaurant reservations: +389/45 278 797